10 Signs You’re Ready for a Yoga Teacher Training

Published on April 22, 2020

1. You are reading this article

If you’ve been doing a Google searches for “Signs you’re ready for a yoga teacher training” and this is your fifth article (with more waiting), you have your answer. 

Think about it. 

You could have been Googling cake recipes, or what Megan Markle is doing, or even volunteer trips to Africa. 

But you are looking at yoga teacher training courses. 

This is your sign. No need to read the rest of this article, just sign up now.

Still reading? Alright, here are 9 other signs that you’re looking for. Just remember, if you read to the end of the page, change your Google search to flights, because something tells me you’re ready to go to Bali


2. I want to improve my asana practice

asana practice

When you do a yoga teacher training (Yoga Teacher Training), you will be guided through your practice by some of the best of the best. Your teachers have been living, breathing, and practicing yoga for as long as they can remember, and now they want to share their knowledge with you. 

Throughout the month they will get to know you, your strengths and weaknesses, and you will also get to know yourself. Day in and day out you will study the mechanics of asanas under the close guidance of your teachers, and improvement is guaranteed.

3. I want to practice yoga all day, every day

Developing a yoga practice isn’t easy. It takes discipline, time, awareness, and motivation. For most of us getting off the couch or out of bed is half the battle. The second battle is to put down the phone, stop scrolling, and get to your mat. 

When you do a yoga teacher training, there’s no battle; every morning you wake up knowing that you will practice yoga. That’s the beauty of it, your yoga practice will develop naturally as you commit to a month of improving it, in a supportive environment. 

4. I’m looking for a yoga immersion

If you’re looking to do your Yoga Teacher Training, then you know there’s more to yoga than a downward dog. Yoga is a lifestyle. There’s meditation, diet, philosophy, and so much more. A month of Yoga Teacher Training will give you the opportunity to completely let go of your everyday life and spend 28 days living your ‘perfect’ life.

The best part is that you don’t even have to think about it:

  • Your meditation cushion will be waiting for you every morning, and you WILL get on it
  • You will practice yoga asanas with the best teachers
  • You will study ancient wisdom and learn how to implement it into your life
  • And, most importantly, you will enjoy delicious vegetarian meals every day

5. I want time with other yogis

If you are the only one in your family or amongst your friends that practices yoga, you might feel alone at times. People might not understand why you want to turn your body into a pretzel!

You can’t change your family members and you likely enjoy your friends, but on a Yoga Teacher Training students often find their soul brothers and sisters. You will be on an incredibly special journey together, learning to support one another and exposing your vulnerabilities. Plus, when you randomly blurt out words in Sanskrit, it won’t be weird!

6. I want to know the ‘why’ behind the asanas

Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Asana practice isn’t exercise. It’s not about getting a ‘yoga butt’ or proving to someone that you can stand on your head for 5 minutes. Each posture is sacred and, when done correctly, has extraordinary healing effects.

This is why after a good yoga class you feel like flying or feel like you’re floating: the essence of your soul has been touched through your prana and chakras.

The Wellness52 Yoga Teacher Training will help you discover how to achieve these moments of bliss within yourself, through your asana practice, and then how to pass it on to your students.

7. I want to study yoga philosophy

There is sooo much more to yoga than asanas and even meditation.

  • Who am I? 
  • What is the meaning of life? 
  • Is there a God? 

Ok, ok, no promises that these questions will be answered, but you will gain an insight into yoga philosophy and what this path is all about. 

If you’ve never heard of the Bhagavad Gita, or think I’m referencing a rock group, a Yoga Teacher Training will introduce you to its wisdom.


8. I want to share my knowledge with other

Once you have tasted the nectar of yoga, many people feel the urge to pass it on. It’s not something you can really keep for yourself. You already know that learning how to breathe properly can be life-changing and even savasana is profoundly healing. 

By doing a Yoga Teacher Training, you will not only be qualified to share the knowledge of yoga with others, but you will also gain confidence. With a solid understanding of yoga and, most importantly, the experience of it, you will be able to inspire others to make the changes that you know will help them.

9. I want to do yoga full-time

By completing a Yoga Teacher Training, you will be one step closer to your dream of becoming a full-time yoga teacher and practitioner. This is, after all, one of the aims of the course. 

The Wellness52 Teacher Training gives you all the tools you need to start teaching students yoga as soon as you complete it and also gives you access to a unique community of other yoga teachers. It will also give you the opportunity to start specializing in other niches of yoga, such as yoga for kids, the elderly, pregnant women, and yin yoga.

10. Something in me is saying ‘It is time.’

The path of yoga is different for everyone. Some people practice for 10 years before they decide to invest their time and energy into a Yoga Teacher Training. Others fall in love after the first class and sign up for a course the next day.

What is common for all of us is that we heard that sacred whisper telling us it is time to surrender to yoga.

This is not an intellectual choice, which may make it hard to explain to our loved ones. It’s a gut feeling, one that you should definitely follow.

You’re ready.

You’re ready.

You’re ready.

You don’t need any more signs to do your yoga teacher training. This is it.