Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have so much fun I won’t want to come home?

Perhaps. One guy, we’ll call him “Bill”, loved our retreat so much he canceled his flight home, dropped out of law school, and got a tattoo on his forehead that says “Wellness52 Forever.”

Okay. Maybe that didn’t happen.

The intention behind the retreat is that you restore your body, your mind and your nervous system so that you can and want to return home. Back in your “real life”, you’ll see that you can handle life with fresh vigor. With or without your new tattoo.

I can’t do yoga

Nobody can do yoga until they try. The question is, are you ready to try? Do you want to do something that might be GREAT for you in this exceptionally supportive environment with exceptionally patient teachers? In Bali…with time off...with delicious food…with a cozy bed…under the stars…near the beach... Starting to come around to this idea, hey?

What if I skip a class or a workshop?

If you skip a class or a workshop, we’ll call your mother, your first-grade teacher and the nearest grade-school principle we can find, in that order. One of those people should be able to scare you back into action.
If that doesn’t get you back on schedule, then we’ll assume that you actually know what’s best for you, and that the only person who can compel you to do anything is (gasp) you. Then I suppose we’ll support you however and whatever way you need.

What style of yoga is this?

Great question - there are so many styles of yoga these days! We practice and teach Ashtanga Vinyasa. If you’ve ever been to a Vinyasa Flow class, a Flow class, a Power class, a Bikram class, a Hot class or, well, basically any yoga class, it is more or less derived from the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Nothing like coming to the source for a retreat, hey?! We love Ashtanga because it: a) has a set sequence you can learn so you can practice it anywhere, anytime b) each pose is held for 5-breaths allowing you to relax into it c) you can modify, modify, modify.

What is the food like?

The food is how you imagine it would be…organic, fresh, tropical, and delicious. It is plentiful and will leave you wanting more. It is abundant and flavorful. Will there be some fruit or food something you’ve never encountered before? Perhaps! What a treat, try something new!

Will there be desserts?

Goodness no, we don’t believe in desserts. The point of the retreat is to starve you into submission.

Wait, seriously?

Nah, just kidding. We’ll have dessert.

How many people are on the retreat?

The retreat will have anywhere from four people to 24 people. If you bring your bestie, add one more to the numbers mentioned above.