Bali 200-Hour Accommodations

Embarking on an intensive yoga teacher training is an experience you will never forget. The people, the place and the spirit of your training will stay with you forever. Our 200-hour teacher training is intense; practicing nine hours a day, six days a week. It is absolutely thrilling and yes, a bit exhausting. That's why the retreat location must support you completely during this time, so that your energy is devoted to your training, rather than your basic needs.

Kura Kura Yoga Retreat

Kura Kura possesses a magical environment within its secluded walls, differentiating itself from other yoga retreats in Bali. The cottages are minimal and circled around each other, while the pool and shala facilities are built around what was the original Javanese family house. The guest cottages were sustainably built using recycled Javanese wood from houses and old fishing boats. The result is something that is unique and artistic. With the swimming pool, large shala and the talented team in the kitchen, all your needs will be satisfied. What’s more, given the remote location of this retreat, you’ll hear monks chanting in the morning at the nearby temples, birds singing in the coconut trees and water rushing along the nearby river. You won’t long for anything at Kura Kura…

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Cosmos Oasis

Travel between the rice fields, off the beaten path of life, literally, to this small oasis tucked away from Canggu in Bali. Cosmos Oasis is a centre rich with people, energy, and of course, yoga. With three different spaces inside their walls, they offer the opportunity to form many connections, and also remain grounded within the private circle of our space and the Wellness52 training. Having established themselves as a popular hub for yoga in Bali, Cosmos is a reliable and trusted source and we are delighted to hold our training there.

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The Shala Bali

The Shala Bali has emerged in Ubud as one of the best locations for yoga. The resort is completely secluded and far enough away from Ubud to allow for peace and solitude, letting you hear monkeys, crickets, and frogs at nighttime as you drift off. Yet on your day off or afternoon break, you’ll learn how quickly you can find yourself in the maze-like streets of Ubud. If the pool, cottage, master suites and shala space at The Shala Bali aren’t enough to impress you, then Ubud will finish you off with the tiny tucked-away vegan café, small neighborhood bookstore or the local and organic clothing shop. The culture and openness of the Balinese people is experienced firsthand here in Ubud.

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Dragonfly Village

Dragonfly Village is one of the original yoga retreat centers in Bali and their history and reputation precedes them. Located within walking distance from the center of Ubud, Dragonfly is nestled amongst the rice fields along a meandering single-file path. With two-bedroom cottages on either side of a small stream that runs through the village, this special spot will make you feel grateful and safe. The second story dining area lets you take in a world-class vantage of the rice fields, and the shala, located at the other end of the property and also on the second floor, will help keep you cool with a slight breeze coming from the ocean winds. This is a truly magical place.

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