Sustainability Initiatives

    Qualification: 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate (RYT-200).
    Course fees: Starting at £333/month (all included)

Most of us are increasingly aware of climate change and how our personal life and the world will be impacted by these changes. We have carefully considered the location of our training as well as the transportation needs of our students and how that will impact climate change. Our intention in combatting this carbon footprint is three-fold:

  • We have applied to become a “B Corp”. This is a relatively new initiative that requires corporations to commit to a series of policies that reflect social and environmental guidelines that are helpful rather than harming to the Earth. Companies must meet a set of criteria, pay an annual fee (based on profit) and re-certify every three years. At present, there are less than 3,000 B Corp companies in the world. Learn more here.
  • We commit to giving back to the local economy. While providing the local economy with a boost from our training, we are also committed to making this training financially possible to people from the local community who would not otherwise have the means to undergo such a training. For every yoga teacher training course, we will offer one scholarship to a local yogi who would benefit from this opportunity.
  • We will offer to students several ways to offset their carbon footprint. Whether that’s with a carbon-tax on their airfare used to plant trees, a donation made to research on improving fuel economy for trans-Atlantic flights, or a discount for students who can show that they are travelling locally or by partaking in one of our Karma Yoga days that serve to aid and develop a local organization. Whatever and however many choices students make, they can be confident that both their deeds and their action reflect the concept of “Ahmisa” or non-violence, one of the core values of Yoga.