Bali 200-Hour Teacher Training

    Qualification: 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate (RYT-200).
    Course fees: Starting at £333/month (all included)

Welcome to your training. Twenty four days in Bali. Training in yoga from 6am until 7pm. Learning as much as your body and brain can take. This is heaven.

Your Time. Your Space.

We live in a hectic time in a visually stimulating world. It's hard to put down our phones, step away from the computer, take a breath. It's hard to find ten minutes to meditate, let alone an hour. This training makes time for you. This is your space. Your time. Step away from your everyday life and come to a little slice of paradise. Reboot your system here.

This Training

When you immerse yourself in a training, you lose track of the outside world. You relinquish the incessant run to the shop, step back from cafe meet-ups, and allow yourself to just focus on YOU. Each morning you'll wake up and re-learn how to sit and focus the mind. Then it will be time to focus on the body, turning to the physical asana practice and letting the Ashtanga Vinyasa system flourish within you. The remainder of the day will be a combination of adjustment workshops, teaching practice, anatomy learning modules and much more. Lectures on Yoga Philosophy will turn ancient wisdom into modern day common sense, allowing you to tap into the messages that lay at the core of your True Self.

The Broader Mission

We've paid special attention to where we put our energy. We chose Bali and our retreat locations based on a number of factors; comfort, reliability, spaciousness, local people we want to support, as well as the overall energy and spirit of the place. Bali checks all our boxes, and we have every confidence it will do the same for you.

One piece we felt was important is something that often gets overlooked, and affects of us across the world, regardless of race, culture, is climate. We will offer students many ways to offset their carbon footprint, whether you're traveling to Bali from Balham, or from Brooklyn. We are awaiting our B Corporation certification, the only yoga company in the world that would have that qualification. B Corp certification means we have committed ourselves to strict ethical and business guidelines - supporting the local community rather than take take take. Learn more about our Karma-Yoga climate-driven initiative by clicking here.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

The Ashtanga world is definitely in flux. What part do we play?

We offer current practitioners of Ashtanga, and dedicated beginners, a safe place to practice, learn and grow. A place where frank conversations about consent can take place, a space where gurus are not emulated, but rather, space for each person's vast experience, whether you're a teacher or a student. Let's truly learn from the past and apply it to our present.